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Jacotolocotoc - Backgrounds creation

This summer, Thomas SECAZ and his team are very busy with making the backgrounds of JACOTOLOCOTOC at PIL in Liège.
A Camera-etc & JPL FILMS production, coming in 2018 !


  • Category : Author
  • Director : Thomas SECAZ
  • Script : Mimi BARTHELEMY
  • Technique : Puppet animation
  • Length : 1 minutes
  • Synopsis
  • Description


Jacot wants to be liked, but he has just one big problem: flatulence. Rather than be the butt of all jokes in his village though, he decides to act like Mr Big and try to seduce the daughter of the biggest shark in the land. To hide his horrible habit, he places a cork you know where and steals a handsome golden suit from the ant. But just as he is about to win the heart of the shark's daughter, the ant, in a rage, takes his revenge by stinging him on the backside. Propelled high into the air by his wind, Jacot falls down at the feet of the shark's daughter, humiliated. After his misadventure, Jacot had no time for wallowing in self-pity, for all the villagers had witnessed his great feat and came to applaud him. Though he felt rejected, he won the admiration of his fellow creatures thanks to his talent which was just waiting to be let out!


Thomas SECAZ is working to bring to life JACOTOLOCOTOC an animated film using puppets that is adapted from a story written by the Haitian author Mimi BARTHELEMY. This project was born from his meeting with Thomas NUMA, a Haitian actor who introduced him to his country's literature.

Won over by the fable's humour as well as the colourful universe created by the director, the Belgian studio CAMERA-ETC has invested in the production of the tribulations of Jacot, bringing the French production JPL FILMS along for the adventure. This joint Belgian and French production is primarily intended for a young audience but its universal message, a humorous appeal to accept each other's differences, means it is sure to be appreciated by everyone.