About us

Camera-etc briefly explained

Camera-etc was created in 1979 for the purpose of making and producing short animated films. Recognised as Production Workshop and Centre for Expression and Creativity of the French-speaking Community of Belgium, Camera-etc organises creative group workshops for children, young people and adults in Belgium and in other countries.   

A highly developed sector, animated films are nevertheless rarely used as socio-cultural tool. Camera-etc produces around twenty short films a year that are educational as well as socialising projects carried out  in schools, local social welfare agencies (CPAS), neighbourhood associations, NGOs etc. It’s work that enables participants to find new means of expression.     

Besides workshop films, Camera-etc supports professional creation by producing art house works. The studio recently produced The Yellow Enveloppe and Hair by Delphine Hermans, Orgesticulanismus and The Labyrinth by Mathieu Labaye, The Sardine Tin by Louise-Marie Colon, A deux doigts de Lucie Thocaven or The Walker by Frédéric Hainaut.