As Production Workshop recognised by the CCA (Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel) of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the main objective of Camera-etc is to make, produce and/or co-produce audiovisual works coming from authors, directors and producers who live in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Another objective of the Association is to promote these works and ensure their distribution. The activities of Camera-etc are carried out with a view to creating public awareness and promoting cultural heritage.

Camera-etc supports the creation of films by encouraging everyone to learn and disseminate audiovisual language. To do this, the Association provides the public with the means to decode audiovisual language, encourages the expression and creativity of each individual through filmmaking, promotes development training, produces and distributes films, makes the public aware of topical subjects in order to stimulate the exercise of responsible citizenship.

Camera-etc pursues the achievement of this objective by organising holiday courses and workshops, partnerships with schools, associations, cultural centres, international training partners and the production and distribution of films.