Camera-etc works together with other organisations (non-profits, cultural centres, NGOs, CPAS [local social welfare agencies] and AMOs [organisations providing assistance to young people in an open environment] ) in order to successfully complete themed projects. By joining forces with resource partners, specialists in the subject being dealt with, the production content increases in quality and the films can then be used as awareness tools intended for a wide and varied audience, from filmgoers to individuals directly involved with the subject.

For example :

  • Le carnet de Chico with Belgium Red Cross
  • La coquille with Info-Handicap (Luxembourg) & GIAA (Paris)
  • Ma voisine et moi, A l'eau professeur tuyau, L'énergie dans tous ses états et La part du papillon - Energissimo with Herstal Social Service
  • Max entre ciel et terre with Liège University
  • Fair-kids with Miel Maya Honing
  • Mine de rien with the Territoires de la mémoire
  • Butoyi & La vie de Poxi with War Child Holland
  • Mfashabagowe & Keza & Karire with World Vision Burundi