Available upon reservation, here is MIRZA, mini trailer of animated film fanatics!   

Film screening: the smallest screening room in Wallonia!  

Mirza is a mobile cinema that can hold 5 to 10 people.

Activity: An itinerant photo lab for making pinhole cameras

Our trailer, MIRZA, is an itinerant photo lab. Dominique Van Hecke offers an activity for learning the first steps in photography by making pinhole cameras. A pinhole camera is a basic camera that everyone can make themselves. All one needs is a small sealed box pierced by a tiny hole. In a darkroom, photosensitive paper is placed in the box. To take a picture, one places the pinhole camera opposite the subject for a sufficient length of time, depending on the light. The image obtained is a negative. To obtain a positive image, one just has to scan the negative and reverse the values by using software (Photoshop, for example). The picture can then be printed.